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Education Activities To Accompany Chandra Data Analysis Software

In this section you will find actvities that explore the science that you can do with Chandra data. The activites utillize the ds9 imaging system and the X-ray analysis tools that you can access through the system. In addition, they guide you through related physics concepts and mathematical calculations, and synthesize some of the areas of science that an X-ray astronomer would explore with each of these images.

The previous "Learning ds9" sections provide an outline and tutorial of some of the common ds9 commands that you will have to use. For ease of use, you should have only the ds9 window open on your computer screen. You will want to have a printout of the exercises from this section to avoid switching between windows as you work in ds9. It will also be helpful to have a printout of the ds9 commands in the three parts of "Learning ds9" as a reference.

Activities and Images

Seeing Through Different Eyes
Cen X-3 & Clocks in the Sky
Cas A: The Supernova as Cosmic Recycling Center
3C273: Time Machines and Black Holes
M31 & Coma: Big, Bigger, Biggest

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