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New Users

Before you access this system, you may want to read about the Chandra X-Ray Observatory Mission and science on the Chandra public outreach page. Helpful links are:
-Chandra 101: a short summary of the mission
-Chandra Mission: a detailed description of the mission.

If you are a new user of this system, follow the steps linked below, in the order listed, to install and familiarize yourself with the system software before going to the images and analysis activities.

Step 1: Install the system
Step 2: Learning ds9
Step 3: Images & Analysis Activities

Chandra Education Data Analysis Software And Activities

Welcome to the home page for the Chandra Education Data Analysis Software and Activities. The system linked from this page allows educators, students, amateur astronomers and the general public to perform X-ray astronomy data analysis using data sets from the Chandra X-ray Observatory, the "ds9" image display program, and astrophysical software analysis tools.

Our goal is to provide a system that allows you to experience much of the same analysis process that an X-ray astronomer would follow in analysing the data he or she has received from a Chandra Observation.

Experienced or returning users who have already installed the "ds9" imaging system on their computers should first check the system update link to see if any upgrades affect their installation. Then they may visit the section of their choice using the navigation bar above.

Note: If your version of ds9 is more than a year old, please upgrade at your earliest convenience. Details on how to do so can be found on the Install the system page.

After you have used this system, we would be very interested in your comments. We hope you will help us with suggestions for improvements and further developments, particularly ways to make the material more appealing and accessible to students. Access the comment and evaluation form.

Beta Release
Last updated: 08/20/05


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